Showcase your expertise.

We build high-end executive workshops for industry experts who want to share their knowledge and make money doing it.

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You've spent years perfecting your skills to be the best in your field.



The world is waiting for you to share your knowledge and show what makes you different and successful. 

Make an income sharing your expertise by creating your own executive workshop. We'll create a beautifully designed course that you can monetize and easily adapt for use in a variety of presentation settings.

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Beautiful, thoughtfully designed courses that make you shine.

You're already a respected, established expert in your industry. Now imagine building on that success with a beautiful, impressive course that allows you to share your knowledge and transform the world while making additional income.

We've created course workshops that have quickly become some of the most sought-after and widely used training in their industry. Now it's your turn to expand your impact through a custom executive workshop of your own.


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discover your system

In a series of short interviews, we uncover the unique way of thinking or methodology that sets you apart in your field. These interviews are a fixed time commitment - no need to draft outlines or craft copy. We'll take care of all the heavy lifting.

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distill YOUR method

Using the information from our interviews, our team of behavioral scientists and persuasive copywriters will study and distill your method, expertise and practices into compelling course content that is optimized for maximum learning outcomes.

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craft your workshop

Once you've approved and love the course framework, our talented copywriters and designers trained in persuasive marketing and cutting edge learning methodology get to work fleshing out content, establishing branding and bringing the course to life.


Want to know if a custom executive workshop is right for you?

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"Creating an executive workshop has been instrumental in positioning myself as a innovative nonprofit thought-leader. Helping others succeed [with 7-Figure Fundraising] has been some of the most fulfilling work I've ever done."

tarren bragdon

CEO of Foundation for Government Accountability
Nonprofit Fundraising Instructor of Insight Applied's 7-Figure Fundraising Workshop 


Executive Workshop & Course Creation

Cookie-cutter courses aren't our thing. A team trained in behavioral science and well-practiced in persuasive messaging and design will custom create a course that you'll be proud to teach and people will want to attend. 

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We interview your target students to understand existing knowledge gaps and uncover mental roadblocks that could prevent students from learning the material.

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custom built for you.

Our talented team works meticulously to develop course content that is true to your method, your voice, and your mission. We work hand-in-hand with you to get it right.

beautifully designed. 

Your course will be professionally branded, with beautifully designed collateral that engages your students and helps them best learn your material.

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